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How to your represent yourself sexually on the internet (whichever is closest)? 

8 deviants said I have multiple internet personnae with different representations
7 deviants said I'm more open about matters of sex on the internet, but present myself how I really am
6 deviants said I try to be myself
5 deviants said My internet personae reflects my true sexual orientation, but in real life I'm "in the closet."
1 deviant said I try to keep my internet personae asexual / It's no one's business
1 deviant said My internet personae is the one "in the closet."
No deviants said My internet personae is of the opposite sex
No deviants said I like for people to try to figure it out without me saying
No deviants said None of these fit (Comment if you want. If you note me, I will keep it absolutely confidential and delete it after I read it.)
No deviants said I don't want to say. Just show me the answers.
A little shout out that my Red Rocket story and its lead character, Astrid Meander, is compared with two other story recommendations on Tanager Leigh's blog:….  Thanks Tanager!  (on dA:  ilovelaysan,  blog:
In my recent poll, I asked: The stereotype is that, sexually, men are more visual while women are more into story and fantasy. What do you think?

At the time, I felt like I knew what the main answer would be, and I was right. 73% of the respondents said: It's an exaggeration. Men are somewhat more visual, but some women like pictures and some men like stories

What was more interesting to me was how many people would deny (17%) or support the stereotype completely (10%).  No one selected the reversed stereotype answer (women are more visual than men).

The 73% answer basically implies that visualization is an important erotic element for both men and women at least part of the time. The 17% flat denial of the stereotype is another pro-visualization answer. Added to the 73%, it takes it up to 90%. Even in that last 10%, I don't know how many respondents were men and guessing what women think so a part of that could be inaccurate. 

So, if visualization is such a powerful factor in eroticism, what does that mean to me as an author of erotic fiction? To me, it means that a good sex scene is not just about relationship circumstances, predicaments, describing how characters feel about each other, etc. I should also make sure that the right elements are there for readers to paint their own mental images. A visual approach to description in general would seem to be the preferred approach. Feelings, predicaments and characters would build from there--and this seems true for both men and women.

Am I being "Captain Obvious?" Maybe, but the idea that visualization is the primary foundation for all erotic works does not seem to be obvious. 

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Writing erotic fiction to embrace my passions and satisfy my soul.

I love comments/notes/e-mails (it's the only feedback and motivation I get) and invite constructive criticism.

If you find any typos or grammar errors in my work, please note me. I seek total eradication.

I'd love to hear from anyone interested in creating illustrations or visual art related to one of my stories, note me! I don't like to ask because most artists are pretty busy already.

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Thanks for adding my Art, pleased you like it. More updates as they become ready :-)
neglected2much Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, added with pleasure and it fits right in with the kinds of things I like.

Looking forward to the updates!
PleaseImJustaGirl Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015
 My Dear Sir thank You for your Kind Comments on Transacted Alternative.  I hope Darling The Wrestler is as Good a Character as I envisage. Your Friend and Admirer
neglected2much Featured By Owner Edited Jan 15, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Friend and admirer--why thank you very much!

Darling is a bondage model that frequents a number of quality paid sites (don't ask me how I know anything about that), but a little Googling and you'd find her. I didn't see anything on dA, but it's hard name to search with the dA search mechanism. She seems to be quite a sport about difficult bondage. I think you have a similarity in facial features going by that particular work.
PleaseImJustaGirl Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2015
 Thank You
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thanks for the comment
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you're welcome :) (Smile) 
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