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For readers of The Family Estate, which scene(s) did you prefer? 

8 deviants said Alice and Abbey (U-stand and chastity belt)
4 deviants said BOTH Connie and Charlotte AND Alice and Abbey
4 deviants said BOTH Alice and Abbey AND Kelly and Kimberly
3 deviants said Connie and Charlotte (sleep sack)
3 deviants said ALL of them equally
3 deviants said Just show me the results
No deviants said Kelly and Kimberly (barn)
No deviants said BOTH Connie and Charlotte AND Kelly and Kimberly
I made a couple dozen changes to the half of Red Rocket. I thought the character of Astrid was a little too flat (thanks to everyone who gave me feedback to that effect and helped me see it) in the first part compared to the second part of the story so was trying to bring her personality out a little more.

I'm also planning to create a flat text version so I can post it on Literotica and/or Utopiastories where I also post some works.
tean33 dropped a little mention to my Astrid Meander character from Red Rocket in chapter 4 of his story Fantasy Football (after nicely asking if I minded).  I have a little subspace reply from her that she is pleased at the reference (and it's associated free advertisement) but won't be in this sector for quite a while to thank anyone personally.  However, she is willing to negotiate a deal and ship just about anything you might need--no matter how rare and exotic--via sublight courier, if the price is right. 
The Alice and Abbey scene seems to be dominating the results in my poll about favorite scene in The Family Estate. Perhaps it's a bit early to call a winner here, but I'm already thinking about what is especially good about that chapter and perhaps, correspondingly, what's not so good in the Kelly and Kimberly chapter (which has the lowest results).

I thought the length with Kelly and Kimberly might be a problem. I also thought the M-F scene wouldn't be as popular since many of my readers aren't into the male dominating female thing (not actually my preferred mix either). However, I didn't expect such a strong slant.

I'm very interested to hear what things really make Chapter 3 with Alice and Abbey such a clear favorite so please comment or drop me a line. If you don't want to comment publicly here, feel free to note or email me in confidence ( Is it the subject matter with the piercings and chastity belt? Is the writing and storytelling better? The predicament?

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Flag for Kinky People in Vanilla Relationships by GospodinP

Writing erotic fiction to embrace my passions and satisfy my soul.

I love comments/notes/e-mails (it's the only feedback and motivation I get) and invite constructive criticism.

If you find any typos or grammar errors in my work, please note me. I seek total eradication.

I'd love to hear from anyone interested in creating illustrations or visual art related to one of my stories, note me! I don't like to ask because most artists are pretty busy already.

I'm on as neglected2much if you want to swap book info.

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Added Feb 1, 2014


Big deadline at work coming up and things are ugly with this software release, so I'm in total crunch mode (computers never sleep!) until the end of July and only popping by dA here and there.  I have been working on stories during stolen moments when I'm waiting for data to load, compilers to run, etc.


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OOooooo Retired Black Belt in Okinawa Karate. I have Two Cousins who grew Up on the Island of Okinawa. I know that at least one of them was a Student of Master Kanei Uechi
in the Futenma City Dojo and Befriended Alan Dollar.
neglected2much Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Yes, one of the well-respected masters there with a lineage. I studied through a lineage of American Marines that learned in Okinawa and brought it back to the US in the 60's. Most people don't know how much American martial arts has evolved and progressed from traditional roots.

I studied various forms of martial arts here and there for a few years (Shotokan, a eclectic style taught by some bar bouncers, a mix of Akido and Ju-jitsu) and then settled on an Okinawan style because I found a great sensei and school that I could get to regularly and easily. I stayed there over 12 years before life got to be too hectic. Mainly, it was something I had to give up to support my kid's activities. 
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 I Think My Cousins and You could be Good Friends.
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There is a weird way in which people serious about martial arts get along with each other. Some kind of common ground right from that start.
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