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What is your opinion of chapter titles? 

7 deviants said I enjoy them. They seem to help set the mood for the chapter.
5 deviants said I read them, but I'm kind of indifferent
1 deviant said To me, they are part of the text. I think the story seems incomplete with out chapter titles
1 deviant said (Just show me the results without voting)
No deviants said I don't even read them most of the time
No deviants said They are critical to a good story and can make or break it
No deviants said They are a waste of time. I prefer just chapter numbers.
Thanks to all have voted thus far. I really appreciate the feedback. My own thoughts on the stories came out pretty close to the survey, which was what I really was wondering. Sometimes, I wonder if I should trust those little voices in my head. They can be lying bastards, almost as capricious as proofreading gremlins short on whisky. I'm happy to see that Sexy Stewardess and Fafnir's Quest got a little love. I have plans for more fantasy stories (I love the fantasy genre) and more Eros Technica clothing stories like Sexy Stewardess. I suspect they just didn't connect with readers as well as the others.

The lack of votes for Thrill of Victory and Do You Believe in Rock and Roll doesn't surprise me. They never had the "this is going to be good" vibe. Should I have tossed them altogether? That's the question. I hovered over delete a few times, but opted to cut my losses and not spend much time on them instead (Do You Believe in Rock and Roll? was probably a three hour, two session writing job). I still plan to finish Thrill of Victory regardless since I'm compulsive about finishing things. Besides, I think the last chapter will be the best anyways.

I carefully avoided the question of how Tasha's Infiltration and The Family Estate compare to The Curator. I didn't feel that a simple vote would tell me the right information and would just mess with my second-guessing tendencies, but I welcome comments comparing the three. Brutal honesty is always respected and appreciated.

BTW, I believe that past surveys still accept votes, and I do go back every so often to review them, so feel free.
Here and there I've been giving llamas to frequent visitors I happen notice on my visitors widget but that don't seem into commenting, watching and such. I understand that some people aren't into that side of dA and just like to read stories and look around at favorites. I'm cool with that (but would still love to hear from you). The llamas are just my way of saying "Hey there, I've noticed you stop by a lot. Thanks!" without getting into the whole comment thing.

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Writing erotic fiction to embrace my passions and satisfy my soul.

I love comments/notes/e-mails (it's the only feedback and motivation I get) and invite constructive criticism.

If you find any typos or grammar errors in my work, please note me. I seek total eradication.

I'd love to hear from anyone interested in creating illustrations or visual art related to one of my stories, note me! I don't like to ask because most artists are pretty busy already.

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neglected2much Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Happy to.  I was going to mention that I didn't know Teen Fire and Frost were your original characters for a long time. They were so well done that I thought it was fanfiction done in parody of some comic or such that I was unfamiliar with.
TheBadLieutenant Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
jcnosy Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2014
Can I talk to you for a moment please?
neglected2much Featured By Owner Edited Jul 6, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Sure or if you want to take it off line with notes, e-mail, or google chat just let me know.
jcnosy Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
I will wait
neglected2much Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hah!  I'm probably the one who should apologize at how slow I've been lately, but just about everyone has always pushed me to be slow rather than compromise quality or anything.  The biggest issue is that I have a lot going on right now that keeps impacting my writing time.
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SpaceShipEarth Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014

Welcome to :iconadultanonymous:

neglected2much Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks! And thanks for your dedication with a number of fine dA groups.
qexiqex Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
Thanks for the watch!
And your stories are fantastic! I especially liked the "Curator" :thumbsup:
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