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How to your represent yourself sexually on the internet (whichever is closest)? 

9 deviants said I'm more open about matters of sex on the internet, but present myself how I really am
8 deviants said I have multiple internet personnae with different representations
7 deviants said I try to be myself
5 deviants said My internet personae reflects my true sexual orientation, but in real life I'm "in the closet."
1 deviant said I try to keep my internet personae asexual / It's no one's business
1 deviant said My internet personae is the one "in the closet."
1 deviant said I don't want to say. Just show me the answers.
No deviants said My internet personae is of the opposite sex
No deviants said I like for people to try to figure it out without me saying
No deviants said None of these fit (Comment if you want. If you note me, I will keep it absolutely confidential and delete it after I read it.)
Both :iconmrhungry56: and :iconbritslutjenny: included me in their "Featuring Other Artists" journal entry as part of a pay it forward type of exercise, so now it's happily my turn.

Here's the instructions that are passed along with it:

For the first 10 people (or however many) to comment below, I will go to your gallery and select one image, drawing, photo, or story that I like. I will take all ten of them and feature them in a journal on my homepage, with a description of why I like the image, story, etc. In turn, everyone who gets featured in my journal should do this same feature on their homepage (unless they've already done it or don't want to - I'm not going to force you), and feature 10 other artists. Spread the love!
I'm trying to survive the takeover of the company I work for. The new company is unbelievably bureaucratic and...must..control...rant......  I suddenly find myself playing catch-up on years of missing documentation, dealing with people in other time-zones all the time (more than just the UK now) and constantly training newbies.

Through it all, I'm still trying to find time to write and keep going on my stories. 

I've been leaving updates on what I'm working on and any new excuses for my lack of postings on my personal site:…

(And yes, it's probably not a good time to be reading A Handmaid's Tale)
I've been playing around with the Goodreads site here and there if anyone else is into that kind of thing. Same handle: Neglected2much.

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New Jersey, USA

Writing erotic fiction to embrace my passions and satisfy my soul.

I love comments/notes/e-mails (it's the only feedback and motivation I get) and invite constructive criticism.

If you find any typos or grammar errors in my work, please note me. I seek total eradication.

I'd love to hear from anyone interested in creating illustrations or visual art related to one of my stories, note me! I don't like to ask because most artists are pretty busy already.

I'm on as neglected2much if you want to swap book info.

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Added Feb 1, 2014


I started to write this as a comment on SyndicateWars's tribute to Leonard Nimoy (Live Long and Prosper), then realized I should really post it as a journal entry:

There was a time, as a nerdy teenager, were Mr. Spock's world of logic was a way of coping. I could just be logical. No emotion. Shut it out. Science could be an answer, since there wasn't any other answer I could buy into. Oh yes, I could look to the stars and the hope that the future would be something better--some place without so much angst

I've moved on since then into something else and achieved a much higher level of inner peace, but Mr. Spock and Star Trek have left their mark.  Some portion of my brain circuitry owes its existence to Mr. Spock and the crew of the Enterprise (at one job, I had the nickname of 'Scotty' because I could fix anything--so they thought--and people liked to say 'beam me up Scotty').

I'm not going to say that a little part of me died with Nimoy's passing--the character is what is part of me, not the man. He's the c-r-e-a-t-o-r of that as much as anyone else can claim I suppose, but the character will never die. The part of me that is linked to him is immortal. Spock will be with us just as much as Socrates, Beethoven or Abraham Lincoln. As such, I'm not sad--which would be illogical--so much as awestruck as I read the last page and close cover on the metaphorical book of Spock and think upon what I have just read. So, rather than "live long and prosper" what I want to say is "so long and thanks."  


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